Viego, the new League of Legends champion opens the 2021 season

League of Legends welcomes a new Champion: Viego, the fallen king, who launches the 2021 season. The announcement is accompanied by a CGI cinematic trailer titled  » Ruin «  in honor of the title of the new Champion.

Who is Viego, the new League of Legends champion?

A few minutes of infographic trailers are enough because Viego bring darkness to the world of League of Legends. In the “Ruin” video, peace seems to reign among the Champions, who can take a well-deserved rest after the incessant fighting. But Viego's influence soon electrifies the atmosphere. Runeterra faces a threat from the past, a Champion with nostalgic and terrifying charm.

The ruined king easily submits Lucien And Seine, then use the powers of the latter to bring your loved one back to life, long gone. Now the king wants to return to dominate his former kingdom, moving the whole The universe of League of Legends in war. Poppy, Samira, Darius And Vayne they try to defend their territory in vain, until Lucian's return stops Viego's momentum.

The new Champion is a character already known in complex and fascinating story Of the game. For the first time, however, he becomes one of the League of Legends playable characters. The trailer serves as an introduction to the game's 2021 season, allowing you to explore the King in its entirety. The developers ensure that the season continues plot which allows you to get to know Viego better.

Furthermore, Riot is so convinced of the charm of this character that she developed an independent title called Ruined King: A League of Legends Story. The release is planned for this year: 2021 is definitely the year of Viego. And all League of Legends lovers.

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