Very important WhatsApp update: video calls are now available for everyone

While I was writing a tutorial so that anyone can access it even if they are in an unsupported country, WhatsApp released the most important update from which it allowed us to make voice calls. Version 2.16.17 arrives with default activation of video calls for all users, yes, as long as they have iOS 8 or later installed. This update comes a day after the official press release which told us about WhatsApp video calls, a feature which was already available in several countries where it had been activated remotely.

As I imagined, for everyone to have the possibility of making video calls, WhatsApp had to launch a update whose functionality is activated by default. So it was with GIFs and it was the same with video calls. This update already makes useless the tip I was going to post, which was to change our home area to one where video calls are available, reinstall WhatsApp, and change the home area again.

Video calls are enabled by default WhatsApp 2.16.17

THE news list which appears in the App Store is the following

  • We introduced (I assume you mean “introduced”) WhatsApp video calls. With free video calls, you can now talk face-to-face with friends and family around the world. There may be charges for using data service. (Requires iOS 8 or later).
  • Search for the perfect animated GIF, directly from WhatsApp. Tap (+) and choose Camera Roll. The GIF search option is at the bottom left.

I find the notice that “there may be charges for using the data service” particularly important. While face to face it lowers the quality of the video when you are on 3G/4G and consumes a little more than 2MB per minute, WhatsApp does not carry out any management of this type and it will consume around 6MB for every minute leave us a video call with your app.

WhatsApp is updated and now we can send giant emoji

As usual in WhatsApp, in the list of new features there is a point that was already available in previous versions. But hey, this time we can forgive everything. From now on we no longer need to use other applications to make video calls, which can also be a little dangerous if among our contacts we have a somewhat cumbersome one…

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