: Users who used the Pangu jailbreak report unauthorized access to their accounts


  • Is the latest Pangu jailbreak safe?
  • Saurik trusts Pangu… but not 25PP

iOS devices use a fairly secure, but also somewhat limited, operating system. This is why jailbreak exists, so we can do everything Apple doesn't want us to do. The problem with jailbreaking is that at the same time as we open the door to a whole range of possibilities, we open the door to malware. And it's that a lot users who used the latest Pangu tool They report something worrying.

It seems that some users jailbroken with Pangu's new tool have seen how several of your accounts have been used in an unauthorized manner, as we can read on Reddit. At this point, I think it is very important to mention that this issue may occur right after the latest release from the Chinese hacker team, purely by coincidence; At this time, it is not confirmed that they are related.

Is the latest Pangu jailbreak safe?

The main reason why the latest jailbreak is suspicious is that it asks for our Apple ID at some point in the process. Logically, after carrying out a process that breaks the iOS chains, good and bad, in which we have to provide our credentials, the most logical thing is to think that the account violation has something to do with the latest jailbreak, even if we repeat it It has not yet been confirmed that it is related.

Users who had their accounts compromised agree that they used the Windows PPPHelper toolthis tool is therefore likely to contain malicious code that sends credentials to a server for subsequent fraudulent use.

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So far, affected users say they have entered their Facebook, PayPal, and credit and debit accounts. Most likely, if the PPHelper tool is confirmed to be the culprit, the affected users would abandon their Apple ID and use the same credentials on other accounts, so it is not excluded that they could also access accounts other than those they used. . 3 mentioned above.

Saurik trusts Pangu… but not 25PP

Saurik says he trusts Pangubut what not sure of routes of spread that the Chinese hacker team can use. Also, you don't like that you have to install the 25PP tool. Cydia Impactor, the English jailbreak software created by Saurik himself, is supposed to be clean because it does not install anything from 25PP. The bad thing is that it works from 25PP servers and the possibility that they have modified the software is not excluded, so nothing can be taken with certainty. Most of the affected cases took place in Asia, but it is not excluded that this will happen in more countries for all of the above.

All this shows that we must always be very careful, and even more so when we jailbreak our device. If software of dubious origin asks us for our Apple ID, it is best not to give it. And if we need any of these software, it's worth creating an account just to complete the process. The question now is: do we trust Pangu?

IMPROVE: Pangu has opened an account on Reddit and is investigating the matter. They say MySpace and Tumblr were hacked this year and want to know if the affected users used the same credentials. They also say that neither they nor 25pp would be « stupid enough to make money by hacking users' PayPal accounts via a jailbreak tool. » We hope to find out the truth as soon as possible.

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