Use the body as a gigantic touch screen

After 3 years of marketing, the touch screen of the iPhone Since Manzana it is still among the best on the current offer. The problem is that it just remains that, on a screen, something that could suddenly change because scientists in the Carnegie Mellon University In collaboration with Microsoft Research Labs They developed a system that converts the human body, although the utility is centered on the arms, into a gigantic touch screen.

The system is based on detection very low frequency sounds that we produce when we touch our skin with a finger, for example, so just by touching our arm we could control music playback, answer a call or navigate through the contacts in our calendar. The system, named Skinputis based on the projection on the forearm, or on the hand, of an interface which can be touched and then analyzed according to its sound.

You can now differentiate up to 5 sectors of the skin very close to each other with an accuracy of 95%, more than enough, then it takes care of sending the signal wirelessly through Bluetooth to the device for interpretation. The developers plan to present it next April, they will surely be as devastating as those of the headphones controlled with the eyes.

Source: Physorg

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