USA vs Japan: the Asian automobile market blocked by Trump

While many European brands are completely snubbed by the American market, US interest in asian cars, especially Japanese, is really very high. We are not talking about Ferrari, Lamborghini, McLaren or the state of the art of the automobile industry of the old continent, we are referring to Honda, Toyota and Nissan.

A fundamental market

THE more than 4 million vehicles produced in the United States, 75% of which are sold directly in the territory, are not trivial. Unfortunately, Trump's new security policies have left them somewhat perplexed Japanese houses. In particular, the Toyota President Akio Toyoda states: “We are dismayed by rumors that our contribution, in terms of long-term investment in the United States, is not welcome.”

Trump's statements reveal security dangers when it comes to importing certain vehicles or parts thereof. A final decision on the tax up to 25% on imported cars it is still on the table but the markets could react much faster.

Prices could increase immediately while hampering the competitiveness of American vehicles, which represent the second largest automobile market after Europe. From an Asian perspective, the United States is a vital market for homes like Toyota, Nissan, Honda, Mazda and other important houses. Most of the factories are actually in the United States and, in addition to internal sales, this infrastructure is very important for export.

Consider that only Toyota is committed to investing more than $13 billion in the United States increasing, in addition to production capacity, available jobs. One of the great examples against Trump's hypocrisy is the $1.6 billion Mazda assembly plant in Alabama.

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