Update: New (fake) quality images of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus

In all the years I've followed the iPhone launch, I can't remember a single one where there were so many leaks. I don't mean that we didn't know everything in advance, but in the amount of rumors, pictures, videos, diagrams, etc., that we see. Today we published a photo in which we see the A10 processors, a front panel that confirms the arrival of the new Touch ID and now some images have appeared in which (supposedly) a iPhone 7 and a golden iPhone 7 Plus With every little detail.

The images appeared in Czech outlet Letem Svetem Applem (via MacRumors), but they don't reveal anything new to us beyond the highest quality photos we've seen to date. Both terminals have the lines for the antennas at the top and bottom and the bigger cameras, being that of the Plus model with two lenses. We can also see how the camera ring is no longer present and instead there is a protrusion on the housing.

iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus photos are fake

What we don't see on the back of either model is the Smart Connector. A recent rumor claimed that Apple was planning to release three models, the regular, the Plus, and the Pro, but that it scrapped the idea so that there wouldn't be as many differences between the models. Based on this information, it is also likely that the idea of ​​including the Smart connector in the larger iPhone it would also have been thrown away, and even today it is not easy for us to imagine what we could use it for in a device in which it is not worth connecting a keyboard.

iPhone 7 attracts more Android users than ever

The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus should not have headphone jack, but these pictures don't show us the bottom, so we can't see if they're wearing it or not. Both devices will be presented in about four weeks, at which point rumors will give way to official confirmations.