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Update for Samsung Galaxy Watch, Gear Sport and Gear S3

Update for Samsung Galaxy Watch, Gear Sport and Gear S3

A new update in the house Samsung finally brings the One UI and new features in its three flagship smartwatches: Galaxy Watch, Gear Sport And Gear S3. Let’s see what it is.

One UI

There One UI introduces more interface clean And simplified. It has been designed to optimize layout and eliminate unnecessary distractions to improve readability, simplify navigation and increase ease of use. The new graphics now include several animations, show for example when a result is obtained. The new stylized interface is synchronized with that found in Galaxy smartphones, with more harmonious colors and layouts between devices.

Now it will be possible to enable / disable touch activation, control of the frequency and timing of updates of the daily briefing and the activation / deactivation of the modality good night depending on the user’s personal habits. The update is available now, also offering new dial designs, improved battery optimization and more efficient features for monitoring health And fitness with Samsung Health.

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Health and Fitness

Daily health monitoring and various Fitness activities are made more efficient, thanks also to these new features:

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The update finally includes a better one optimization battery. Automatically closing background apps and changing settings that could affect battery life prolongs usage. You will also be able to customize the settings for the energy savingsuch as brightness adjustment and screen timeout settings.