Upcoming changes to Hotmail

First, I want to clarify something before we begin: TO HATE Hotmail with all the strength of my most hidden and electric neurons. I have never had such an unpleasant experience using a web tool, and I hope I never repeat it in my life. At its beginnings as an independent company, paradoxically, they did better than after the acquisition by Microsoft.

Well, let's get started. the people of microsoft published on one of his blogs an overview of the changes coming to Hotmail, the company's free email web platform. I was pleasantly surprised that on a conceptual level they were very clear. Over the past 5 years, email has fundamentally changed. And very few have taken these changes into account, not even Gmail, which has only taken into account a small part of everything that has happened with the messages that arrive in our mailbox. Google has the best email manager on the web, but I feel like conceptually we're still at the beginning of the century.

Today, we mainly receive three types of messages by email: personal, professional and related to our activity on social networks. The way we must manage them, and try to organize them, is to create labels and rules so that everything is ordered by the art of « magic ». But having an overview of all the family photos we receive during the week is tedious and unintuitive, even more so exporting these photos to Facebook, or Picasa itself on Google. Attachments are still being developed and used like they were in the 90s. And it shouldn't be this way in mid-2010. Email clients should be smarter and categorize emails than we do receive not only by labels. Contact management is outdated, the people we follow or follow on Facebook or Twitter are not immediately integrated into our contact book, not even the possibility of searching for them in a more intelligent way is given. Ultimately, unless we are expert labelers, we have a mess of epic proportions in our mail.

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To summarize a little, and with the skepticism that we always feel in the face of Microsoft's announcements, it would seem that the path they wish to develop is linked to all these new needs for automatic organization, within the use that given to email. The following video shows what they do, and the truth is that if it works like in the video (although it is easy to doubt it), it will be a marvel.

In a nutshell, the new upcoming features are:

  • A complete overhaul of Hotmail.
  • Practical innovations to help people manage clutter and regain control of their inbox.
  • Do more with incoming mail without ever leaving Hotmail. For example, if you receive a presentation, you can open it directly, just like tracking a package.
  • Improvements when sharing information and files via email.
  • Better attachment management.
  • Better synchronization with cell phones.

You can find out more about the new hotmail features On the Windows Live page, the least compelling aspect of Microsoft's strategy is a sort of Facebook caveman they want to set up with Windows Live and the main pages across the service. But otherwise, I think they're on the right track. You will have to test it to see how it works. I tried to do this but the previous version kept showing up. If anyone can try it, it would be great if they let us know in the comments.

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