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UnMetal: the convincing parody of Metal Gear Solid

UnMetal: the convincing parody of Metal Gear Solid

Do you feel like playing Metal Gear Solid again but have finished the game many more times than you would be willing to admit? Fran Games developers have the right game for you. We are talking about UnMetala parody homage to the Metal Gear saga and currently available as a demo on PC.

UnMetal: the Metal Gear parody dedicated to fans

It is a shared opinion that Metal Gear Solid was an important moment in the history of modern gaming and the first chapter is counted among the handful of games that cannot be missing in the curriculum of an enthusiast. The saga’s influence in the video game market Hideo Kojima has been such that many of the stealth and shooter titles owe a lot to this author’s work and it is rumored that a remake of the first Snake epic is currently in development for Ps5.

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Unfortunately at E3 this year we didn’t have any news about this possible remake of the game we loved so much in ’98, but we got a taste of a project that could help us pass the wait. Obviously we are talking about UnMetal, a video game born in that of Fran Games and which is proposed as a fun parody of Metal Gear.

According to what is shown in the first trailer, published on the occasion of the Guerilla Collective Showcase, the game looks like a 2D action, with strong stealth elements and pleasantly retro graphics. The game seems to have been specifically designed to snatch a smile from fans of the saga, including ruptures of the fourth wall, references to Kojima and a good dubbing that reminded us of the theatrical exchanges of the original series.

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The demo

As we said at the beginning, UnMetal is currently available in demo on Steam and if you are a fan of Metal Gear too, we recommend that you try it as soon as possible. Just think that the first playable chapter is called “The Great Escape”, film which Kojima famously was heavily inspired by for the creation of the series.

UnMetal immediately puts the emphasis on the stealth component, since it is only through stealth eliminations that our hero protagonist will be able to level up and unlock new skills. A special mention should be made to the boss of this trial version, Granade Guy, which is for all intents and purposes a version not quite in the form of Ocelot.

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Either way, what surprised us about this demo is the great variety of situations it offers the player. We go from claustrophobic sewers to large open spaces, all to be dealt with rigorously in silence and stealthily eliminating the enemies that stand between us and our final goal.

Since it creative effort of the developers is quite obvious, the hope is that this title does not end as a tribute to the Metal Gear saga as an end in itself, but that it may also have its own identity. We will certainly follow this project with great interest.