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Uncharted: here is the first trailer of the film

Uncharted: here is the first trailer of the film

Here we are, Sony has finally raised the curtain on the movie’s trailer Unchartedwhich was posted a few hours ago on the official YouTube account of Sony Pictures Italy. In the approximately two-minute video we can see Tom Holland in the shoes of a young man Nathan Drakegrappling with a new treasure hunt full of references to the videogame saga from which it is inspired.

Uncharted the movie: official trailer available

The trailer of the film, unfortunately, did not reveal the Italian release date of the film, which for the moment remains fixed to a generic February 2022. But let’s imagine that the film should hit our theaters towards the end of the month, as American audiences will be able to watch it from February 18th. We remind you in this regard, that it is a feature film in production since time immemorial which has seen numerous changes of directors and which many times has been given up for cancellation.

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The video, lasting about two minutes, shows us a rather varied sequence of scenes, much longer than what emerged yesterday on the net. In this short time frame we can see Tom Holland in the role of Nathan Drake in different moments of the narrated story, which already promises to be spectacular and, more importantly, decidedly faithful to the atmosphere of video games.

According to what we can understand from these few minutes of video, it seems that Sony does not want to re-propose one by one the stories that we have already enjoyed in video games, but who wants to give a slightly different interpretation to the franchise, without trying to imitate its counterpart. A choice that we feel we can share, since it would allow the film to have a life of its own.

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However, this does not mean that the film will distance itself heavily from video games: on the contrary, as we have already specified, the atmospheres are the right ones and in the trailer it is even possible to see a sequence on board a cargo plane, which very closely resembles a scene. seen in the PS3 video game Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deceptionwhere Nathan was trying to survive at high altitude in a way very similar to what was seen in the promotional video.