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Uber: new app that unifies and collects all services

Uber: new app that unifies and collects all services

An event held by Uber in their hometown of San Francisco just ended, where the company unveiled a number of new products. Among all, the new generation of its app stands out will collect all Uber services in one space.

Uber App: an operating system for everyday life

Uber’s goal? Make sure that everything you need when you are out and about in your city is enclosed in a single app.

The company started years ago offering a private taxi service on request, but soon expanded its business thanks to the services of food delivery, to electric bikes and scooters.

Today their new vision for the next generation of Uber apps debuts: a new way to discover, access and test the growing number of services available thanks to their platform. The customer is therefore increasingly placed at the center, with the aim of making him feel like a VIP.

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New Options

New technologies raise the bar in safety and set a standard in the rideshare industry:

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New Special Features

New modes that will reward users and make them feel special:

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For the drivers? New ways to improve and optimize journeys

An earnings estimation tool debuts, so drivers can predict in advance how much they will earn from each individual ride and evaluate whether to accept. Drivers will thus be able to ask for more precise information on the place of departure and arrival.

Sometimes it happens that the journeys end in sparsely populated areas, where it is difficult for drivers to find another passenger to take back to a more populated area. For this the service is introduced Back to Busy Area, a special filter that will help drivers select direct passengers to places of interest to them.

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Attention to the environment

In the United States, Uber is also present thanks to electric bicycles and scooters, to improve the environmental sustainability of means of transport. It also favors the use of public transport by integrating in-app all the info about the main urban bus-train-tram lines.

The new app update improves the search for electric bikes and scooters, indicating them on the map also together with their state of charge. But don’t worry: new ones JUMP Charging Kiosk (Jump is the name of the bike-scooters), they will be available to exchange exhausted batteries with those just charged, and ensure even long journeys.

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From next month, in addition to the Jump models, partner models such as LIME will also be reported in the app.

Plastic consumables: we know how they are having a big impact on global pollution. For this reason Uber will ask us specifically when ordering, from next month, the need to have cutlery-plates-straws etc. along with the food ordered.

A new partnership with Feeding America will help Uber care for the hungry homeless on US soil. In fact, by collaborating with the restaurants of the circuit, they will be able to donate food in excess or that would otherwise be thrown to the more than 37 million destitute Americans.

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At the base of everything, Uber finally expresses the desire to transform all its energy sources into 100% renewable sources by 2025, with constant measurements of their environmental impact.

In short, there are so many news, let’s just hope that sooner or later all of this will also reach Italy!