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Uber Black arrives in Turin: a new travel opportunity

Uber Black arrives in Turin: a new travel opportunity

The Piedmontese capital will be the first in Italy to take advantage of the dual service, Uber Taxi and Uber Black.

From today, the Uber Black mobility service is also active in Turin. After the launch of Uber Taxi in October 2018, Uber confirms its commitment to the Piedmontese capital and its inhabitants, thus offering a further travel opportunity, Uber Black, operated by car owners and NCC licenses.

Turin is the first city in Italy to have dual services, Uber Taxi and Uber Black, and after Milan, Rome and the recent launch of Bologna, it is the fourth city in Italy where, thanks to the Uber App, you can move around enjoying maximum comfort. offered by the famous “black cars”. In total there are 5 Italian cities in which Uber is active with mobility services: Uber Black, they are in fact available to Rome, Milan Bologna and, from today in Turin, And Uber Taxi always a Turin And Naples.

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The arrival of Uber Black in Turin represents a further mobility opportunity, in the face of the ever growing demand for new travel options within the urban mobility system. Leaving aside 2020, in 2019 theUber app was, in fact, opened over 145 thousand times in Turin to check the availability of rides in the city. Furthermore, with a view to being an increasingly multimodal mobility platform, the integration of Lime scooters allows all those who intend to use a zero-emission micro-mobility vehicle to be able to use it directly. via the Uber app.

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Uber’s comment

Lorenzo Pireddu, Uber Head of Italy: “The arrival of our Black service in Turin represents an important development in the expansion path of the offer of our products and services in Italy and occurs at a time when we are recording a significant growth in requests for mobility, in conjunction with the reopening post lockdown of the various activities We will continue to work to propose, in more and more Italian cities, our mobility platform so that more and more people can organize their travels directly from our application in a reliable and safe way “.

Passengers will thus be able to benefit from all the features of Uber Black, such as the possibility of having driver information, the model of the car and to know the fare in advance, divide the cost of the ride, view the route of its own movement and, thanks to the anonymization systempassengers and drivers will be able to get in touch by phone or chat without sharing their phone number, in addition to the possibility of accessing the Uber’s safety toolkit and get assistance when needed.

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New travel opportunities

Uber Black then introduced special measures regarding Covid to protect passengers and drivers: obligation for drivers to wear a mask and control it through mask verification before going online; car sanitization And supply of hand sanitizers for customers; possibility for drivers to cancel a trip without penalty if a customer does not wear a face mask or cover; new feedback system for reporting cases in which a driver is not wearing a mask.

Accessing Uber Black is very simple:

  1. Open the Uber app
  2. Choose a destination
  3. Find out the final price in advance and confirm the ride
  4. Enjoy your trip and when it’s time to go home, follow the same procedure.