Uber Air: testing of its flying taxis will also begin in Melbourne


  • Uber Air's flying taxis
  • When will test flights start?

UberAir recently announced plans to add Australia Melbournecombined with the testing schedule.

Uber Air's flying taxis

According to the company recently announced, its flying taxis could soon cross the skies of Melbourne.

Push UberAir it was the company's desire to reduce road traffic that chose the Australian location among the many international cities. The person in charge of Uber Elevationin this regard, he stated how long and tiring journeys to and from Melbourne Airport, which does not have a rail line, can be!

A similar feature, coupled with the high population density, would make flying taxi rides not only extremely profitable for the company, but also for locals, who could save much more time.

When will test flights start?

Melbourne will join other cities previously selected by the company, including Los Angeles and Dallas, both already included in the ambitious flight project of UberAir.

As for the timing, the company announced its desire to get these innovations off the ground as soon as possible, which is why it has already set the start of test flights for 2020, while it wanted to exit commercial operations as soon as possible in 2023. .

To make the process much simpler and faster than expected, it will also be the government of the State of Victoria, Australia, which adopted a forward-looking approach to carpooling from the beginning, immediately showing itself in favor of future transport technologies .

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Are you curious to see what the company's iconic flying taxis will look like and operate? Did you expect a relapse in the choice of the Australian city?

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