Twitter's advertising model could arrive next month

There has long been much talk about the business model of what is probably one of the most popular Internet phenomena, which recently reached 50 million messages per day, 600 per second. The last thing we heard, almost a year ago, my colleague Axel commented, was that Biz Stone, co-founder of Twitterhad confirmed the existence that there could be pro accounts, for payment, in the service.

But a few hours ago, Anamitra Banerji, in charge of product management and monetization within the company, among others, confirmed working with several companies to launch a profit model based on advertising. She also emphasized that these companies belong to both the most modern media and the most traditional media and that they will be included in a way that the user know at any time that it is an advertisementbut trying to integrate it so that it is not perceived as such, but like one more element of the conversation.

There are already advertising models based on Twitterincluding scandals, like the one in which kim kardashian several thousand dollars for posting tweets about certain products or brands. But it's interesting to me, however, how the company is going to officially go about integrating advertising as another part of the service. They have already done several things, like the controversial Retweets, for example, with which I do not entirely agree and it scares me a little that the irruption of advertisements supposes a radical change in our way of understanding Twitter.

Theoretically, it would be presented during the South by Southwest Conference, better known as SXSW, on March 12. What do you think ? can Twitter develop an effective monetization model based on advertising (which is not the only monetization model) or will it just annoy users?

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Source: GigaOm

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