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Twitter now gives you the ability to sign up via Google and Apple accounts

Twitter now gives you the ability to sign up via Google and Apple accounts

Twitter introduced support forthird party accessallowing users to create accounts and log into the social network with your Apple or Google accounts. Twitter also allows you to link your existing account with an Apple or Google account, as long as the emails are the same.

Twitter introduces third party registration via Google and Apple accounts

The feature reportedly appeared in the Twitter beta last month, but it now appears to be more widely available. Now it is possible set up a Twitter account using your Apple or Google account and the process is a leaner version of the normal signup process. In fact, you do not have to manage e-mails or passwords and, when you log in with Google, you even set the same profile picture that you use for the Google account.

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Sign on with ease and start scrolling your timeline.

Now, when you log in or sign up to join the conversation on Twitter, you have the option to use:
▪️ Your Google Account on the app and on web
▪️ Or your Apple ID on iOS, and soon on web pic.twitter.com/Nf56H1ghmY

– Twitter Support (@TwitterSupport) August 2, 2021

At the moment, as The Verge reports, the login experience it is not universal. Access with Google is possible on iOS, Android and from the web; while the one with Apple is currently only for iOS (although web support is coming soon, according to Twitter Support). The current version of the Twitter desktop app for Mac, on the other hand, does not appear to support either login method.

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On Android, accessing an account created with Apple does not appear to be possible. The button isn’t really there, and using the traditional Twitter login with the Apple ID password doesn’t seem to work. It also doesn’t seem like it’s possible to change your password after creating your account with an Apple login, as the page asks for your current password.

It is probably no coincidence that “Sign in with Google” and “Sign in with Apple” started at the same time. The Apple App Store guidelines require apps to include Apple as an option if the app allows other third-party logins.

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