Twitter is testing Twitter Business Center, its second formula for making money

After spending a long time without moving a finger towards the gallery, the people at Twitter began implementing formulas to make the service profitable. Last month they unveiled their own advertising system under the name Promoted Tweets and today we discover that they are already testing Twitter Business Centeror with which they will probably also make money.

In short, Twitter Businesses Center is a new “feature center” specially designed for businesses. At present, taking into account what has been seen to date of the new invention, there are three features that stand out the most: Companies that use this “Business Center” in the future will automatically have a verified profile (i.e. say they are expanding their verified accounts program to brands and businesses), the ability to add users to the account so they can tweet on its behalf and finally these accounts will have the ability to receive private messages from any user, whether they follow or not.

“Where is the way to make money? » some may ask. Well, although Twitter hasn't said anything yet, we all know that it is more than likely that the microblogging social network will charge all brands and businesses that want to take advantage of all these features in the near future. It is We are faced with Twitter's second formula for making money: charging for feature expansion, or in other words, selling additional features..

So, after so much time of speculation featuring supposedly revolutionary new formulas for generating income, Twitter ended up opting for well-known classic systems that have worked great for others in the past and are working for them today (there's Tumblr). As we can see, there will be two main methods of financing the service: contextual advertising in the form of tweets and expanded functionality for accounts in exchange for money. Will the latter also reach “common” users? Well, I'm sure that sooner or later it will be like that (that if you pay you can post more tweets per day, than if you access a statistics system that free accounts don't have…).

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