Twitter improves its notifications

The Twitter application for iPhone and iPad, downloadable for free from the App Store, has been updated with an important new feature: rich notifications for iOS 10 which will now be displayed with images included and the usual options of this social network to interact with others' tweets without having to open the app completely. When the Twitter notification is displayed on the mobile lock screen or also from the Notification Center using 3D Touch, an enlarged view of the notification opens, including a thumbnail of the image if the post in features, as well as options for interacting with the tweet, such as liking or retweeting.

With iOS 10's Rich Notifications, apps can deliver information more comprehensively from the Notification Center or lock screen, without needing to fully open the app or even unlock the phone. In addition to text, these new notifications offered by Apple's operating system can include multimedia elements, such as photos or videos. In addition to supporting rich notifications, version 6.66.1 of Twitter for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch also fixes an issue that caused duplicate « reply to » text to appear in some tweets. Finally, the option to “mute notifications in this conversation” has also been added, allowing users to silence notifications in a certain conversation and let the rest of the participants know that you have silenced the alerts.

This isn't the only thing Twitter has updated recently. Earlier this week, the little bird social network implemented improvements to the system allowing users to report inappropriate behavior from other tweeters as well as the ability to silence other users.

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