Twitter: great ideals, a few cents

Evan Williamsfounder of Twitterhe declared in an interview for the BBC He hopes the service will have greater penetration in countries with censorship issues. “Our goal is that Twitter be a force for good,” says Williams, which means that the social network penetrates with more force in regions with less access to information. The example is Chinacountry in which your service is blocked.

Williams also looking for Twitter expand its SMS coverage in technological countries, so that « with the simplest phone you receive updates and information that you didn't get before. » However, he knows that the main limits of the social network lie in the economic domain. “We can't change the world if we can't pay our servers and our employees”Evan said.

Twitter wants to remain independent, which is why he is said to have refused an offer of almost 500 million dollars by Facebook. “We are working on how to generate revenue,” he says. Williams. Until now, Twitter survives thanks to investments from Google Yes microsoft to list tweets in their search engines. Nevertheless, Williams You know that you must hurry to find a financing model that guarantees your financial independence.

THE advertisement This seems like the perfect way to earn income, but the social network has yet to find a way to exploit it without being intrusive or annoying for its users. While Facebook was able to capitalize on his success in the pockets, Twitter It is difficult for him to find the ideal path. Williams has the ambition to convert Twitter in the global information exchange network, including countries whose regimes do not allow it. Very commendable, very plausible, but you have to keep your feet on the ground: you cannot do long-term planning without having your own way of raising funds. High ideals are useless if you earn a few cents.

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