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Twitch: Are Big Streamers Coming Back to YouTube?

Twitch: Are Big Streamers Coming Back to YouTube?

While a part of the international streaming community participates in the #ADayOffTwitchthe most prominent stars of the platform are migrating to YouTube. The last two Twitch streamers to return to YouTube were DrLupo And TimTheTatmanwho both said they received an incredibly good offer from the video upload platform.

YouTube: are big Twitch streamers going back to basics?

Just to give you an idea of ​​the size of the content creators we’re talking about, TimTheTatman has a whopping 7 million followers on Twitch and DrLupo 4.5 million. Both of these streamers have significantly more content numbers on their YouTube channel, even though we’re always talking about millions of people, so why did they decide to move their work to a seemingly less-paying platform?

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The reason is very simple and you have probably already guessed it: time and money. Interviewed by the Washington Post DrLupo said in fact of having signed an extremely beneficial contract with YouTube who, according to him, would fix him for life. The streamer doesn’t just talk about money though: this deal would allow him more flexibility in his work, allowing him to spend more time with his loved ones.

TimTheTatman described a similar situation, although he didn’t go into detail like the previous streamer. On the other hand, that of a professional streamer is not an easy job, and having more time to dedicate to oneself to balance the hours spent “in the spotlight” is an offer that would hardly be rejected by the big names in the sector.

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At the same time Twitch’s current management is making many raise an eyebrow, given that the phenomenon of “hate raid” continues to rage without control or actions by the site managers. The #ADayOffTwitch initiative was born from this phenomenon of rampant hatred and harassment, which sees many streamers abstain from the platform for a day, even if it is not clear how much this strike can have a concrete impact.