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TweetMaps allows you to explore trends on the map


TweetMaps allows you to explore trends on the map

Although it is true that Twitter is a bit in the doldrums -especially in the price of its shares- in recent times, the truth is that the bird’s social network is still one of the most important worldwide and of course the reference network when it comes to keeping up with the latest news and events.

about the map

One of the most interesting features of Twitter is the possibility of finding out what is most relevant in a short time, and we do this through trends. TweetMaps gives you much importance to this, and for this reason it offers us a dedicated section in which we can follow the famous trending topics so that we do not miss anything that is relevant in a specific region.

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In addition to being able to see the trends, we have other very interesting functions such as the possibility of carrying out searches and browse tweets directly on the map, being able to see where a greater relevance has occurred or where a trend has gone unnoticed. Likewise, we can create density and heat maps with tweets, this being a very interesting way of seeing and understanding the influence of a global trend.

More things

TweetMaps does not stop there, since it allows us to generate graphs on the map data (for example about the country of origin, languages, etc) and we can even show the most popular tweets from the data obtained on the map, or know the activity that a certain tweet has had over time.

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At the design level, the application complies as it follows the design guidelines imposed by Apple since iOS 7, although it is true that we have found some excessively large fonts and a mixed use of fonts, something easily remedied with an update. The maps are obtained by API and obviously they are not integrated, so you have to take into account the data consumption if we are with mobile networks.

Obviously we are not talking about a ideal application for everyone, but it can be very interesting for all those who are regular users of Twitter and like to be up to date with what is happening in the world or in a specific place, since it allows us to obtain information in a specific that with a traditional Twitter client it will be impossible for us.

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