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Trust presents its new line of gaming accessories for PlayStation 5

Trust presents its new line of gaming accessories for PlayStation 5

The leading company in the sector of digital accessories for gaming, TRUSThas expanded its range dedicated to PlayStation 5 and introduced new items that will make your play sessions even more stylish. Let’s find out all the details together.

Trust expands its range of PlayStation 5 accessories

TRUST added two new white versions of the latest generation Fyru streaming microphone and of Carus sales champion headphone. A new duo charger will also arrive this summer. Let’s find out all the new accessories and their main features together. The Fryu PS5 Streaming Microphone is the latest generation top-of-the-line microphone.

This model represents a solution Ideal 4-in-1 for every streamer since it is able to capture every nuance of sound with exceptional quality in any context. Among his main professional functions we find 4 different registration schemes (cardioid, bidirectional, stereo and omnidirectional) for superior performance and a internal pop filter,able to exclude unwanted sounds.

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There is also one zero latency headphone monitoring port to refine your recordings. Fyru’s design has been redesigned with a white look more akin to PS5. However, the new model retains the strong base structure in metal with adjustable LED lights in 5 colors.

Instead the new charging station duo charge GXT 254 is a very useful accessory for all gamers and streamers. The accessory, available from Augustallows you to recharge without converters two controllers at a time. This way, gamers will never have to interrupt their gaming sessions.

Compared to the GXT 251 dock for PS5, this station features a vertical design and allows you to keep the pads always at hand. The charging dock is powered off USB through the port of the PS5 and has LED lights to indicate the charging status And connection of controllers.

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Trust Gaming has revealed that the products are available at the best physical and digital stores. Gaming headphones GXT 323W Carus and the streaming microphone GXT 258W Fyru are already available for purchase at the respective price of € 39.99 And € 139.99while the charging station GXT 254 Dock will be available from August to € 19.99.