Transforming T-Shirts into Armor

Probably one of the most classic scenes in Superman whenever Clark Kent the shirt is uncovered to show the logo of Superman printed on a suit that seems to resist everything. Although with variations, that of having a simple shirt that is actually as durable as armor seemed, until now, a domain reserved for science fiction.

And it is that at the University of Caroline from the south on UNITED STATEShave found a curious procedure which makes it possible to interlace Boron, the third most resistant element, with the carbons of cotton in t-shirts. The result is a garment that it's just as portable and lightweight as a regular t-shirtbut with boron carbon fiber reinforcement similar to that used in tank armor.

It seems there were attempts to make similar textiles, but they failed because the T-shirts were so stiff they were torture to wear. The new process makes a difference because it uses nanotechnology to create fibers as elastic as any clothing.

At the moment, of course, it is only an experiment and unfortunately it seems that it is more oriented to be used for military purposes than for anything else, but you will not deny me that it would be at least curious to go down the street with your shirt knowing that it can easily withstand the impact of a bullet. Sometimes science gives us curiosities that we would only think would appear in any comic book. wonder.

By: Ecouterre

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