TrainStation, the most popular railway simulator

Train fans number in the millions around the world. Then its own simulation game for iPad could not be missing, something that is already clearly covered in TrainStation, the most popular simulator that can be found in the iOS App Store and its derivatives. We tell you what the characteristics of this completely free railway simulator are (with integrated payments of course). Enjoy a large cast of trains and all the scenery you need to feel like a top-notch train driver.

We are not referring to the typical game in which we have to move forward or backward with the train, in TrainStation we have to manage all aspectsfrom the beginning, to stops and other types of choices such as the right cars, is more like a strategy game, which has twenty million followers worldwide.


The most popular and best railway simulation game, enjoyed by over 20 million players!

Discover the largest collection of steam, diesel, electric and maglev trains, exciting themes, and many story-based achievements and missions. Enjoy the most incredible train ride of your life!


– More than 1,000 locomotives, from steam legends to hypermodern trains
– Colorful train station themes of West, East, San Francisco, London, Berlin, Venice and many more
– Transport passengers, mail and various materials and upgrade your station
– Do business with contract partners and take part in fascinating story-based quests
– Complete over 300 challenging achievements
– Regular weekly updates full of wonderful content
– Challenge your friends and play TrainStation together

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The game occupies 45.7 MB although later it will upload additional content. It is translated into the most important languages ​​in the world and is constantly updated. How could it be otherwise, it is a universal application that we can also use on our iPhone and iPod Touch. As for compatibility, it will work on any device above iOS 7.0, which includes several.

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