Too Good To Go: an initiative to raise awareness of food waste

On the occasion of the European Sustainable Development Week, Too good to leavethe application that fights against food waste, has launched an initiative to promote ideas and projects on sustainable development.

The objective is to raise awareness among citizens about the correlation between food waste and climate change. In fact, many don't know that food waste is responsible for 8% of greenhouse gas emissions. Harvesting, production, processing, transport and packaging are all actions that involve high consumption of energy, water and chemicals. It was calculated that each meal corresponds to approximately 2.5 kg of CO2. Recovering food therefore means reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Thanks to the application, in fact, restaurateurs and traders of fresh products can sell magic box. These are “surprise” boxes containing a selection of fresh products and dishes that remain unsold and sold at a reduced price. Consumers can purchase the magic boxes with the app and collect them at the specified time slot.

4000 trees to reduce CO2 emissions

During European Sustainable Development Week (ESDW), for every 100 Magic Boxes sold, Too Good To Go will donate a sum to plant a tree with the help of PUR Projet, a social enterprise that develops projects around the world aimed at regenerating ecosystems. The goal is to plant more than 4,000 trees during this week and thus prevent more than 2,000 tonnes of CO2 from escaping into the environment.

Eugene Sapora, the company’s Italian country manager, said: “The threat of climate change is now increasingly evident. The Waste Warriors of Too Good To Go have a strong vision for their mission: not only do we want to save meals that would otherwise go to waste, but we also want to raise awareness and educate people about the negative impact of food waste, which is not only social but also environmental. This special European week is the ideal time to raise awareness and involve them in our anti-waste mission”

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