TomTom presents the new TomTom Go Navigation application for iPhone


  • No data consumption
  • Comprehensive online services
  • Subscriptions available

Tom Toma company specializing in location technologies, announces TomTom Go Navigation for iOS. This new service location And navigation will have the latest TomTom maps, as well as support for Apple Car Play.

No data consumption

TomTom Go navigationbased on the famous TomTom Go Mobile, will allow you to save maps on your device, therefore not using the data connection.

In addition to the typical functionality of a browser, TomTom Go Navigation will implement functions such astrack guidanceboth on the highway and in the city.

The app is equipped with the company's latest maps, so the driver can avoid THE blocked roads. This is the first application with offline maps that can update some details such as speed limits, driving directions and road closures in the maps on a weekly basis. In addition, TomTom offers A la carte cardsallowing users to add Or DELETE Plans regional according to their driving needs. You can download country or region maps based on your personal preferences, thereby reducing the amount of phone memory used.

Comprehensive online services

TomTom GO Navigation comes with a full number of online servicesincluding the new TomTom online search and routing, making it easy to watch while driving. The application also offers TomTom traffica precise and reliable real-time information service and TomTom speed radarwhich helps the driver stay within speed limits.

The words of Mike Schoofs, Managing Director, TomTom Consumer: “With the launch of this premium application, we demonstrate our ability to innovate and offer secure support to our community, including TomTom Traffic and Speed ​​Cameras based on millions of drivers. »

The discounts begin: iPhone 6s on sale on Pre-Black Friday Fnac

Subscriptions available

TomTom GO Navigation offers a 30 free trial days with a recurring subscription for six months for €8.99. Alternatively, a 7-day free trial accompanied by a periodic subscription €1.99 per month or €4.99 for three months.

The app is currently available for iOS, but an Android version is expected by the end of the year.

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