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  7. Tom Hanks returns to Apple TV + on November 5 with the movie “Finch”

Tom Hanks returns to Apple TV + on November 5 with the movie “Finch”

Tom Hanks returns to Apple TV + on November 5 with the movie “Finch”

When it premiered last yeargreyhound» On Apple TV+, Tom Hanks stated that he was angry that the film was shot to be seen on the big screen in theaters, not on a digital platform.

But his anger will have passed by now, since a new film titled «finch» with him as the protagonist, will be released again this year on Apple TV +. Powerful gentleman, Mr. Money…

Last May, we already reported that Apple TV + had taken the rights to a new movie starring Tom Hanksand that will surely be a success for the platform as was last year’s premiere of “Greyhound”, also starring the famous actor.

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This film is called “Finch”. The film tells us about the adventures of a robotics engineer (Finch), one of the few survivors of a solar event that has left the world deserted, who lives with a robot and his dog «Goodyear«.

Finch has been living in an underground bunker for a decade, sheltering from a terrible solar storm. There he has built a world of his own that he shares with his dog, Goodyear. He creates a robot, played by Jones, to take care of Goodyear when he is gone.

As the trio embark on a dangerous journey, Finch struggles to show his robot the joy and wonder of what it means to be alive. A fun-filled, adventurous ride as it’s just as hard for Finch to get Jeff the robot and Goodyear the dog to get along as it is for him to handle the dangers of the journey through hostile territory.

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And finally Apple TV + has just published the premiere date. It will be before the end of the year. On Friday November 5th, on Apple TV+. Will have to see it, for sure. If you are a subscriber, or the free Apple TV+ promotion still lasts, of course. Mine ends in February of next year…