Today “.com” celebrates its 25th anniversary

Yes friends, although it seems that it has always been among us, the legendary .com domain was created not so long ago, precisely Today, March 15, marks 25 years since the first use of .com..

was the company symbolsnow defunct, which in 1985 first launched a web address ending in a .com, which was followed by five other companies that did the same, but it was not until 1997 that this type domain name spread across the web like wildfire (largely because the network itself only hatched that same year).

Despite its short life behind the .com there is a lot of history, for example at the beginning it was rumored that the idea was not to use the .com but the .cor since all this was aimed at businesses, but ultimately they chose something more generic where “everyone will enter” Where there is unanimity, it is to designate the legendary web browser Netscape Mosaic as one of the great promoters of the extension of the use of “ dotcom” and the network in general.

Another historical, and unpleasant, moment for .com occurred in the year 2000, when this phenomenon called the « dotcom bubble » was experienced, a moment during which hundreds of portals with a .com in their URLs were had to throw the closure, which was followed by a complete restructuring of the Internet business ecosystem.

Today the .com is already much more than a simple extension for a website, it is part of the fabric of our lives to such an extent that we don't even realize it and it is also a fantastic indicator of the state of health of the Internet in general. And there's not much left for me to add wishes .com many more years.

Audi and One Ocean Foundation together for the health of our seas

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