Tips to Save Data on iPhone with iOS 10


  • How to Save Mobile Data with iPhone in iOS 10
  • Turn off iCloud mobile data
  • Notice
  • Turn off automatic updates for iTunes and the App Store
  • Turn off Wi-Fi assistance
  • Disable data usage for certain apps and games
  • Background updates
  • Turn off Apple Music mobile data
  • Change streaming quality of streaming apps like Spotify, Netflix
  • Use the Share Internet option wisely
  • Use Google Chrome to browse
  • Use the Opera Mini browser
  • Do not clear browser cache
  • Disable automatic video playback on Facebook and Twitter
  • Delete Instagram and Facebook app
  • Disable automatic downloads in WhatsApp, Telegram, Line…
  • Install Onavo Extend

Over the years, mobile data rates have had higher and higher capacity, but even so, we have surely managed on more than one occasion to end the month with our data rate and we have had to use it at a speed so low that it makes us want to call the operator to change the rate or contract a few extra megabytes to be able to finish the month in conditions. Every time Apple releases a new version of its mobile and tablet operating system, It usually comes with a few new features that, without realizing it, increase the cost of our data.

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In this article we will try to offer you several tips so that our price does not disappear quickly.

How to Save Mobile Data with iPhone in iOS 10

Turn off iCloud mobile data

One of the most important functions of iOS is iCloud, which offers us the possibility of synchronizing all our data on all the devices of the Cupertino-based company associated with the same account. Many apps that we have installed on our device they use iCloud to save backup copies or synchronize our data.

iCloud offers us two options for synchronizing information: via Wi-Fi or via our mobile data. By default, iCloud activates synchronization with our mobile data, a function that we can deactivate via Settings> iCloud> iCloud Drive, and by deactivating the Use mobile data tab.


Notifications appear on our terminal when there is a change within the application, whether it is an email, a message, an update… These changes logically come from the internet and if we are not connected to a Wi-Fi network and if we have many applications that send us notifications, this may become a problem with our data rate.

Turn off automatic updates for iTunes and the App Store

Another of the natively enabled functions are automatic downloads of applications and updates. As a general rule when applications do not exceed 100 MB, can be updated and downloaded via our mobile data ratewhich can mean a significant expense in our data throughput, especially if we have many applications installed on our device.

For disable automatic updates and downloads from iTunes and the App Store We go to Settings> iTunes Store and App Store and deactivate the Use mobile data tab.

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Turn off Wi-Fi assistance

This was one of the new features in iOS 9, a useful feature in some cases, but in most of them it is more harmful than beneficial to our data throughput. This function allows us to activate mobile data when we find ourselves connected to a weak Wi-Fi signal without us realizing it, which can mean our rate runs out quickly.

For turn off wifi assist We'll go to Settings > Mobile Data and uncheck the Wi-Fi Support tab.

Disable data usage for certain apps and games

It is likely that when we start to check the expenses that each application or game with access to the Internet has made, we are not afraid when we see how a certain application or game consumes our rate. If we don't usually use this app or we don't need you to use our data ratewe can deactivate it by preventing you from using our tariff and only using the Wi-Fi connection of our iPhone or iPad.

For disable internet access for apps or games, we go to Settings> Mobile data. In this option all the applications and the consumption they have made at that time of our data rate will appear.

Background updates

Although it is true that the usefulness of this function is ideal, since at all times the applications that use this function are always updated every time we open them, This is a real headache for both our battery and our data. mobile. Facebook is a clear example of an app that eats up our battery and mobile data in equal measure.

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Fortunately we can restrict which apps can be updated in the background, depending on our interest or we can turn them all off completely, this way the data and battery will last longer. To disable them, simply go to Settings > General > Background Update.

Turn off Apple Music mobile data

Apple's streaming music service, which already has 17 million subscribers, allows us to listen to music thanks to our data rate. While it is true that the consumption is not excessive for the quality it offers, we can deactivate the use of our data, listen to music, update the library and load illustrations. For disable Apple Music data usagewe will go to Settings> Music> Mobile data.

Change streaming quality of streaming apps like Spotify, Netflix

A very effective option to save mobile data is to limit the streaming quality of music and video applications such as Spotify, Netflix, HBO or to disable them directly… As a general rule and by default, quality is set to automaticbut these applications allow us to change the playback quality if we do not want to disable their use through data.

Use the Share Internet option wisely

One of the options that users use a lot is the possibility of being able to share mobile data from the iPhone with our iPad or computer. This option is ideal when we are in an area without Wi-Fi and the device we are using requires an Internet connection. For specific cases this is ideal, but if we overuse it our data throughput can run out quickly.

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Use Google Chrome to browse

Unlike Safari, Google Chrome has an option to reduce mobile data consumption while browsing. When we enable data saver, most web traffic goes through Google servers before downloading to the device. Google's servers compress this data to download less.

For enable this option which by default is only enabled for Wi-Fi connectionswe go from the application to Settings> Bandwidth and click on Preload web pages to display the available options: Always, Only on Wi-Fi or Never.

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Use the Opera Mini browser

Opera is another of the browsers that also allows us toreduce the consumption of our mobile data while we sail. In fact, it is primarily designed for this function.

The application is no longer available on the App Store

Do not clear browser cache

In order to save space on our devices, clearing the cache can save us a large amount of space, but goes against data consumptionsince the web pages that we visit the most have to reload most of the fixed elements of the web, data that are normally kept on the device to speed up their loading.

Disable automatic video playback on Facebook and Twitter

The mania that some companies have automatically enable video playback while we are using the app it seems to have no end. Facebook and Twitter are the applications that have the option enabled by default, but fortunately we can deactivate it so that video playback only takes place when we are on a Wi-Fi network.

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Delete Instagram and Facebook app

Mark Zuckerberg's applications, Instagram and Facebook, are not only a battery drain but also a black hole through which a large amount of data passes, even if we disable automatic video playback on Facebook, from what I tell you I recommended in the previous point. On Instagram they are aware of the data consumption of this application but instead of optimizing it, allows us to vary settings so that you use less data.

Disable automatic downloads in WhatsApp, Telegram, Line…

Throughout the day we receive a large number of videos, photos and GIFs, depending on the application (WhatsApp still does not offer this). If we have enabled automatic downloading, over the days our data rate may be seriously affected. Fortunately we can disable what type of content can be downloaded automatically and which one doesn't. The best option is to deactivate the automatic downloading of videos, since this is the file type that can consume the most data from our rate.

Install Onavo Extend

Onavo Extend helps you save mobile data so you can spend more time doing what you love to do on your phone without increasing your bill. Once the app is installed, it works in the background while you use mobile data to find a way to save. Onavo Extend downloads images as you scroll, so you don't use valuable data on images you might not see, balances image quality and data savings based on your settings, automatically turns off when connected to a Phi Wi-Fi network. The operation of this application is very similar to that of Chrome since all information passes through the company's servers.

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