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Tinder towards the metaverse?

Tinder towards the metaverse?

Recently theTinder app has already undergone a major revamp with the launch of “Explore”, the new section dedicated to interactive experiences for users (including the second season of Swipe Night, real-time chat and much more). But parent company Match Group seems to want to go above and beyond. Apparently, future projects involve adding inclusive and shared experiences, as well as a virtual economy supported by the new currency Tinder Coins. But most of all, what we care about is that the company seems interested in working at metaverse of Tinder. Yes, you read that right. After Meta, Niantic, Microsoft and who knows who else, now even dating could have its metaverse. Let’s find out more.

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Tinder: App points to the metaverse

If you are passionate about online dating, get ready for the many news that the Tinder App has in store for you. In fact, next year, the platform will add Tinder Coins currency for make in-app purchases, such as Boost and SuperLike. In addition, the currency will apparently also allow you to purchase products that were previously only available with a subscription, such as the “See who you like” feature. And they will also be used for encourage certain user behaviors, like encouraging them to check their profiles or add videos to their bio. And this is only the beginning. In the future, in fact, Tinder will evolve its App to include virtual goods and its own commercial ecosystem.

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But that is not all. Match Group also talked about its plans to exploit Hyperconnect, a social app maker that acquired long ago. The common goal, in particular, would be to create an avatar-based dating app and a “metaverse” experience called Single Town, which will allow users to interact using audio in real time and meet in virtual spaces. Here, in a virtual world, people can meet and then choose to get to know each other in private. In short, a metaverse in all respects, albeit dedicated to dating.

“This new experience offers a glimpse into how metaverse experiences might be applicable to dating and is the kind of innovation that will help us evolve our portfolio as we move into the next dating phase.” So the company commented on the metaverse design. And that can only mean one thing: the Tinder App could soon evolve into something we don’t even imagine.