TIME ranks Apple Airpods as the best invention of the year

Although we are all waiting for the official launch of the new Apple AirPods, the popular magazine TIME is already adding them to its list as one of the best inventions of the year alongside 24 other products. The list of these inventions is made public every year by the well-known American media and it is clear that all kinds of gadgets appear there, despite the fact that some of them are not marketed today.

In the case of Apple AirPods, we can say that the Cupertino company was forced to be updated by the elimination of the 3.5mm jack that they added in all their iPhones, for this they presented the AirPods wireless headphones and today we are still waiting for them to go on sale.

The truth is that the novelty in AirPods, in addition to not having the cable with a 3.5mm connector, is that W1 chip is added inside and that means that in-ear headphones have a good handful of new features compared to other headphones. For example, the detection of the user's movement or the substantial improvement of their autonomy, among other novelties that we have all already studied more than today.

These headphones constitute a list of 25 products of all kinds and there are some well known and others less known. For example, Sony's PlayStation VR glasses, Goodyear's innovative That Spin wheels, the drone DJI Mavic Proan air purifier and other products that accompany these wireless headphones from Apple in this list which does not necessarily have to please everyone.

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In the list published by Time we can find all kinds of interesting inventions created this year 2016. Hopefully in the case of Apple AirPods they will also reach users this yearsomething that right now seems complicated but not impossible.

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