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TikTok is the most downloaded (and profitable) iOS app

TikTok is the most downloaded (and profitable) iOS app

According to the data analysis of Sensor Tower, TikTok is the most downloaded app in the third quarter of 2021, all over the mobile world but especially in the iOS ecosystem. On the iPhone, the Chinese social application also reaches the top of the box office. On Android, the social network of Facebook.

TikTok: social is the most downloaded and profitable iOS app

Although in the last period the App Store and the Play Store have caused a lot of discussion, between the legal war with Epic and the antitrust warnings, the business on iOS and Android is going great. According to Sensor Tower, the two platforms have earned well $ 33.6 billion in three monthsan increase of 15.1% compared to 2020. There are also many app installations, which amount to 35.7 billion, which also are down by 1.9% compared to last year.

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As for in-app collections and purchases, on iOS wins uncontested TikTok. The ByteDance social network instead comes fourth on Android, where the highest takings are made Google Onethe cloud platform of the Mountain View giant.

The analysis of the downloads is quite similar. The most downloaded app ever is TikTok, which once again holds the top of the iOS chart. On Android, on the other hand, it comes in third place, with Facebook And Instagram taking the top steps of the podium. But in the downloads they also enter the charts Zoom And Google Meet, which have become essential in the last year for business meetings, distance learning and any type of video call. Also WhatsApp Business enters the top ten, a sign that many traders and freelancers have downloaded it in order to continue talking and contacting their customers.

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In the video game segment there is a lot more competition. Pubg Mobile becomes the most profitable game in absolute terms, a sign that shooters are liked on all platforms. The first on the App Store though is Honor of Kingswhile on Android it is the competitor Genshin Impact.

Users seem more and more devices to spend on the app market, demonstrating the centrality of the smartphone experience. The research also highlights how social networks have an important weight for many people.