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Tiger King: Nicolas Cage will no longer play Joe Exotic in the series

Tiger King: Nicolas Cage will no longer play Joe Exotic in the series

Among the greatest hits of last year on Netflix there is certainly Tiger King, a disturbing documentary miniseries centered on the life of the former zoological operator Joe Exotic. The popularity of the show was such that Amazon made its own series dedicated to the story. Tiger King’s protagonist was supposed to be the Academy Award winner Nicolas Cage, which, however, in a statement reported by Variety has distanced itself from the project. These are his words:

We need to clear things up. I’ve read two scripts, which I thought were excellent, but I think Amazon ultimately felt that they were outdated material, because it took too long to put things together. At one point, they believed it could be a success, then gradually the interest waned and now it is no longer an interesting project for them.

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Amazon is no longer interested in Tiger King

Nicolas Cage’s words clearly allude to the fact that Amazon is no longer interested in making a series about the life of Tiger King Joe Exotic. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the series will be sold by CBS producers to other platforms interested in the project. For his part, Nicolas Cage will certainly not remain idle. Coming soon, the actor will play himself in the film Tom Gormican The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent, a metacinema project in which Cage plays a cash-strapped actor, who agrees to make a paid appearance at a billionaire super fan’s birthday party as part of an elaborate CIA operation. These are the words of Cage on the subject, reported by Variety:

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It was absolutely terrifying, and I’m one of those people who thinks that if something terrifies you, but doesn’t harm you or anyone else, that’s exactly the direction you should take. I had never made a meta film about myself before. But the character isn’t really me. It’s Tom’s version of me, which is kind of an anxious and completely hyperactive variant of this person named Nicolas Cage or Nic Cage or Nicky Cage.