This is what the first section of smart solar road looks like (literally)

Surely many will remember all this news that a few months ago echoed the interesting business project Solar roads which our colleagues from MotorFull will also tell you about. Basically the idea of ​​the project is to create roads that are much more respectful of the environment, “intelligent” and self-sufficient.

And how is it done well? Well, the solution offered by Solar Roadways is cover the roads with ultra-resistant panels that also integrate technology everywhere to achieve what was said in the previous paragraph: they are capable of generating energy thanks to sunlight, they incorporate LEDs with which you can “paint” the sign you want on the ground, these panels incorporate heating with which you can avoid the accumulation of snow and finally they also have sensors capable of detecting, depending on the weight, if there is an animal, a person or a thing on the cart.

Although it looks like a road from a science fiction movie, it is something completely real, so much so that those in Solar Roadways have already built the first prototype of these panels and published a gallery of images of the build and testing of it (which you can see at the end of this post). The only obstacle that the project still has to overcome is the high cost, each of these panels (4 × 4 meters) costs the modest sum of 10,000 dollars, although, as one of the managers of Roadways says, all the money that this type of road would save.

Will we finally see our roads covered with these panels that would make them smarter and more ecological? Unfortunately, it is quite complicated for this to happen, at least in the short term, but we should not be discouraged either, the project advanceswill soon enter its second phase and once launched, the panels will start to be installed in the real world (they will start with small areas like parking lots).

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