This is what Super Mario Run would look like in a freemium version

A few days ago, I told you that Nintendo was starting to ask certain players super mario race on the price they would put on Super Mario Run and on possible new versions of the game. And that's why Nintendo decided to mark this new, and awaited, Super Mario Run with €9.99 because it's something not everyone liked. Yes, we can download it for free from the Apple Store, but we won't be able to get past the first world if we don't checkout. Yes indeed, once you pay you forget other payments.

And what do you want me to tell you? From my point of view it is a success, we forget to pay each time we want to advance as is the case in many other games in the App Store, here we pay and we have the complete game. Because, Can you imagine what it would be like to have a free Super Mario Run with micropayments?…

You just have to look at the image at the top of the post, a image created by a Twitter user in which we see screens that could perfectly be those of Super Mario Run in game mode freemium. Yeah we shouldn't pay, but we would pay to advance in levels, get toads, race with friends… And not only that, you remember all that people who sent you Candy Crush invites every day?, Well, given the repercussion of Super Mario Run, it wouldn't be strange if your social networks were flooded with advertisements inviting us to interact with Super Mario Run.

The five hardest levels in Super Mario Run

So now you know, download the new Super Mario Run, At least try it and decide if it's worth paying the €9.99 how much it costs to unlock all the content in the game. From my point of view, it was worth it, and it was worth it, so if you don't like the game just delete the appto give us the opportunity to test these first three levels.