This is how we would play Super Mario 64 on an iOS

We say goodbye to the day by returning to games, games for mobile devices that can always save us from the boring moments of our daily lives. And it is that if we take into account that we always carry these devices with us, they are precisely the best device to entertain us when we need it most. Some video games originally designed for handheld game consoles, but Versatility Since iOS devices make them the perfect competitors to classic game consoles.

Nintendo is the leader in video game portabilityI still remember all those hours I spent with myself Gameboy, a leadership that is gradually losing due to the arrival of new mobile devices such as smartphones, and it is a smartphone that has many more advantages than what classic game consoles offer us. Nintendo at the beginning never wanted to enter any mobile ecosystem but it seems that in the end they will jump through the hoop… We get some images of how the Super Mario 64 experience could be on an iDeviceafter the jump you have it…

A few days ago, we were already talking about the possible arrival of certain Nintendo games in the iOS ecosystem, and this could well be an example. An example that does not come directly from Nintendo itself but rather from the developer Erik Roystan managed to adapt the original Super Mario 64 to the iOS systema simple adaptation due to development in Unity.

Of course, we also have to take into account the statements of Nintendo's CEO, Saturo Iwatawho confirmed that although the company would develop games for iOS, I didn't believe in the portability of Nintendo classics (Zelda, Mario, Donkey Kong) on ​​this platform. And it is that ultimately Nintendo itself wants to protect the sales of its consoles, but in my opinion I think they should make the jump to other systems, these would undoubtedly be the best-selling games.

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