This iPhone 7 and its case survive a 155 m fall (video)

When a drop test to a mobile device, it is dropped from heights where it could be dropped in everyday use, that is to say, at least, from the pocket and from head height. This can be done with a more scientific method, but none of these methods had thought of launch an iPhone 7 from a helicopter.

That's exactly what Jonathan Morrison did: he got in a helicopter, he went up to approximately 155m (500 feet) high and launched his iPhone 7, but he did not launch it totally naked, but with a RhinoShield case that you can buy on Amazon from this link. To document everything, Morrison and his team recorded the fall with a conventional video camera and the iPhone 7's main camera.

The most extreme drop test you can imagine

Perhaps what's most interesting about this drop test is that iPhone 7 keeps recording at any time. And it is that, although the RhinoShield shell protects the device so that it does not suffer damage, the blow of the brutal change in acceleration takes it, so it would not have been surprising that the iPhone 7 in this video was blocked or restarted after the fact.

About the case, in fact it is like a bumper like the ones that Apple sold until, if I remember correctly, the iPhone 4S, that is to say a kind of rubber bezel that is placed around the iPhone and which leaves the screen and the rear part in the air, but not without protecting it because the bumper It protrudes a little on both sides.

Is the iPhone going bad? No, everything else is what's wrong.

Thus, it is demonstrated that the sum of the iPhone 7 and the case of RhinoShield it's a good team that ensures the integrity of our iPhone, even if we have access to a helicopter. Of course, I wouldn't do this test on purpose.

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