They sue Apple saying the iPhone was patented in 1992

It seems that in addition to launching software and hardware, those in Cupertino are also dedicated to taking a walk on the courts. And it is that, when they have not yet come out of a trial, they have already received a new request. The latest comes from Florida, where a state resident named Thomas S. Ross sued Apple last Monday, June 27 in the Southern District Court because, according to him, the Apple company violated its design of an « electronic reading device » (ERD) in devices such as the iPhone, the iPad and the iPod.

Ross designed three different ERD units, and he did so in technical drawings he made between May 23, 1992 and September 10 of the same year, 15 years before the launch of the original iPhone. One of these drawings shows a rectangular device with rounded edges, which Ross says « encompasses a fusion of design and functionality in a way that did not exist before 1992. »

Did they imagine the iPhone in 1992?

While it's always fair for a company to pay if it has violated a patent, it appears this won't be one of those cases. In 1992, Ross filed a patent with the United States Patent Office, yes, but his patent was declared abandoned in April 2015 because the inventor never paid itthat is, the patent was never completed.

Thomas S. Ross wants Apple to pay him “no less than $10 billion” and he also wants 1.5% of all sales of devices that he claims violated his design. According to the plaintiff, he suffers “significant and irreparable harm which cannot be compensated or weighed with money”. Considering he never paid for the patent, I'll just say I wish him luck.

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