They buy a BitTorrent client to hunt users through a site for independent developers

A few days ago I told you about massive demand in the United States through a system that was already in place in both the United Kingdom and Germany. This system has raised many controversies regarding quality and reliability since hundreds of prosecuted users have protested, ensuring that they are innocent.

What the plaintiffs respond to these accusations is that the security of the person's wireless network could have been breached and used to download copyrighted material, among other things. But since there are so many who claim to be innocent, the proper functioning of the anti-piracy system is called into question.

But we never talk about it and the organizations that use it have no doubt that it may have bugs. This software, which was created to persecute thousands of people (20,000 lawsuits have been filed in the United States and 30,000 more will be filed soon), should have been developed by engineers, forensic scientists, lawyers and more experts who determine what information is needed and what the application should do. But how this was done is not known.

What is known is that someone very involved in the persecution of what they call pirates placed an ad on to develop a somewhat unusual BitTorrent client. These were the words of Terence Tsang:

Create a BitTorrent client that gets details about a person sharing certain torrents. The server is Linux. The torrent client only needs to monitor the IP address and put this information into a database.

The information needed is: IP, time of use, ISP name (I think a whois lookup will help. Do you know a better technique?), P2P client, file name, weight and MD5.

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So we need software that can monitor a specific number of torrents and create a database with the above information. I'm only interested in UK IP addresses. A simple job if you have the skills.

As they do not give information about the system they use, it is impossible to determine whether they are used to pursue people who download copyrighted material or whether Tsang only uses it to collect information. If it's the former, I find it crazy that there isn't more than one developer involved in creating a program that will support thousands of users. If it's the second option, it seems too much to me that someone, whether a lawyer or not, has so much information about what we do on the net.

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