They broke the asteroid record 27 years later

Say asteroids is to talk about one of the most popular arcade video games of all time. It has become a part of geek culture and who else and who has least ever played it, even though it is one of multiple later releases.

So far, the record in asteroids they were held by a certain Scott Saffron who was only 15 years old in November 1982, with a score of 41,336,440 and after playing non-stop for 3 days, he broke not only what was the scoring record but also the longest in video game history, it took 27 years to beat it, and that's not precisely because he didn't try.

But last Saturday John Mc Allister sat down to play too for almost 3 days and got a score of 41,338,740, which represents a margin of 0.006% compared to the previous maximum score. How did he manage to last so long? Well when she had enough extra lives she just stopped playing and went to have a snack or something light while being careful not to run out, amazing. In fact, once he had to go to the bathroom, his calculations went wrong and he regained control with only 2 lives, narrowly saving the game. We were recently talking about the girlfriend every geek would love to have, I would say these two are made for each other.

Photo: Visualmerc

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