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They are like children

They are like children

Members cannot be given a computer with an internet connection. A few always take for procrastinating – not to mention wandering – on the Internet while they are supposed to be waiting to make the most correct decisions for citizens. No, if the courts are super fun: some of them chat in a ***** plan with their friends, others go hand in hand with wine, while others decide to take care of their underwear lineup:

Lola ***, PSPV deputy for Alicante, has been ‘hunted’ this Wednesday by photographers browsing the website of ‘Privalia.com’, a private shopping club that organizes, exclusively for its members, sales of clothing and accessories of the best brands at a much cheaper price than the market.

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She was not the only one clueless on Wednesday’s day. Others, of all ‘colors’, sent ‘sms’, consulted the Brand or played with the ‘pen drive’. *** looked at bags, skirts, panties and bras while Esteban González Pons, a spokesman for the popular group, and now a candidate for Congress for Valencia, urged the House to accept some requests, according to him, “ideologically aseptic.” It takes “a Valencian voice in Madrid,” he said while the socialist deputy was choosing size.

We already know that the geeks are not the ones who procrastinate the most, they are the deputies. And of course, the photographers always pending.

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Link: Lingerie in the plenary session of the Courts