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  5. These images show that Apple could continue working on the AirPower

These images show that Apple could continue working on the AirPower

These images show that Apple could continue working on the AirPower

On September 12, 2017, Apple presented the new iPhone 8 and iPhone X in its keynote. In addition, Tim Cook hit the table and unveiled the wireless charging base of the big apple baptized under the name of Air Power. The charging dock was to be released in early 2018. In March 2019, the project was canceled and Apple decided to leave the prototype aside. However, Jon Prosser, a well-known news leaker, has published a series of images showing a possible AirPower in full operation which could mean that the big apple could continue to work on its charging base, months after its final cancellation.

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Will we see the AirPower charging base in 2020?

The controversy surrounding the AirPower prototype has been and will be one of the biggest unknowns in the Big Apple. However, it is speculated that Apple could have canceled the charging base due to problems related to excessive heating Of the device. This makes sense as the charging dock was especially complex mounting dozens of coils (instead of a single coil like most charging docks). This allowed charging any device regardless of its position. But throughout the process they encountered an impediment: Apple Watch charging requires more power, which would have caused the heating problems that led to the cancellation of the product.

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Well, you guys wanted a better picture of “C68”… 😏

Remember how I said that the main problem was that current prototypes didn’t support Apple Watch?


They got the Watch working… 👀 pic.twitter.com/LvBeNAAtt3

— Jon Prosser (@jon_prosser) June 18, 2020

In April of this same year, in full confinement due to COVID-19, Jon Prosser published information about a prototype called «C68». This well-known user within the world of leaks claimed that the team called Apple’s “Sharing and Proximity” were working on this prototype. More specifically in the software communication between devices having in common a device (the supposed C68) inside which it would have an A11 chip. This would allow dynamically manage heat, eliminating the problem of the previous AirPower prototype.

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A few minutes ago, Jon Prosser published higher quality images of what we have known for months as the C68 prototype. In the images we see a charging base connected to a power outlet in which they are deposited an Apple Watch and some AirPods Pro. In the second image we go as effectively are being loaded simultaneously. Is it possible that Apple did not stop working on the AirPower? Will we see Apple’s charging dock at WWDC?