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These are the new cases that Tesla has launched for the iPhone on Amazon

These are the new cases that Tesla has launched for the iPhone on Amazon

Tesla makes electric vehiclesIn fact, they are some of the best valued by both users and critics thanks to the high technology that they include in every millimeter of their cars. However, they also like to launch the occasional marketing product from time to time with the intention of making money, similar to what Apple does with the transparent cases of almost fifty euros.

In this case Tesla has unveiled a new range of cases for the iPhone that will be sold directly on Amazon for those who want to get their hands on them, something that until now was not possible, let’s take a look at them.

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This is how Tesla offers two similar but not identical ranges of products. On the one hand, we have normal leather covers that cover only the back of the device and that actually look surprisingly similar to those offered by the Cupertino company. They are made of high quality synthetic leather, presumably the same one used in their vehicles. Will offer this case for the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and of course also for the iPhone X, which could presumably be compatible with the iPhone XS although it is not mentioned. Although, these cases have, like those of Apple, a kind of velvet inside to keep our iPhone well protected.

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For their part, they also offer a “book” cover, that is, one that opens as if it were a card holder and that also covers the front of the device. These cases, which are also compatible with the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X, have space for three different cards and the material is identical to the previous product that we have mentioned. It should be noted that they are only offered in black and that “Tesla” will appear silk-screened, but not the logo of the company beyond the typical font with which the company writes and that characterizes it. You can get them only on Amazon in the United States of America through this link.