These are all the news that accompanied iOS 10 beta 4

Apple released yesterday iOS 10 beta 4 for the developers, a new version that had a weight that made us think that there would be interesting news that would include new images and new sounds. It was like that and in this fourth beta of the next version of Apple's mobile operating system, several modifications and visual novelties have been included, as well as an occasional new sound. In this post we will talk about all the news that arrived, or that we found, in iOS 10 beta 4.

iOS 10 beta 4: what's new

Before we start with the news, I would like to say that the screenshots included are from an iPad. Personally, I can't/want to play on the iPhone because I have more important things to do with it, but the news is the same.

  • New emoji and other updates. The first thing we saw when updating to iOS 10 beta 4 is that there are many new emoji, among which some feminine ones that promote equality stand out. But these emoji were not the only new ones and, for example, the gun became a water gun. On the other hand, many emoji have been modified and have a more realistic image, while the circular ones have more shades and nuances.
  • faster animations. The overall impression is that the system runs faster, which the new animations have contributed to. Now opening any folder or application is smoother than in the third beta.
  • New tutorial tab in Control Center. Now the first time we open the Control Center we will see a page that will explain how it works, basically telling us about the three available pages (the most general, the reading one and the HomeKit one).
  • Quick, full-screen responses. Until Beta 3, quick or rich responses could be stretched, but they only took up part of the screen. From Beta 4 we will have the option to respond in full screen, almost as if we had entered the application. It may not work like Apple and we would like, staying in the middle of the screen on some occasions. This should be fixed in future betas.
  • New colors and layers in the Health app.
  • Sleep alarm indicates upcoming events. The alarm that should help us go to bed and wake up at the same time every day now displays upcoming events in the Control Center.
  • Date in notification center. The date has returned to the notification center, somewhat similar to how it already is in iOS 9.
  • Go back in time to the notification center (and to the widget page). The previous beta had me install a few apps just to see the weather with a widget, something simple like the temperature and whether it was sunny or cloudy. iOS 10 beta 4 allows me to uninstall this app again.
  • No longer vibrates when locking iPhone. In previous beta versions, locking an iPhone caused the iPhone to vibrate. This vibration, which logically did not appear on the iPad, was removed in beta 4 of iOS 10.
  • News in the Accessibility section. In the Settings/General/Accessibility/Display Settings section, the Color Filters option includes various colored pencils to display the different color options.
  • New keyboard sounds. The keyboard sounds like in betas 1 and 3, but not always the same. Now when we tap the spacebar or shift, we will hear new sounds, three in total. This will help us know if we have touched a different letter or key, especially interesting when we write text with upper and lower case letters, to know if we have touched a letter or another type of key.
  • The stars returned to popular songs on Apple Music. Have you ever seen a star next to a song on Apple Music? This star indicates that the song is famous or popular. In previous betas he disappeared, but he returned in this fourth beta.
  • The old decors are back. Why remove them if you have to put them back? No doubt these funds also contributed to the update weighing half a gig. The backgrounds that have returned are those of planets, feathers, etc., which have been available since iOS 9.
  • Fix Safari issue when deleting. So far there has been one frustrating bug: if we typed in a Safari window and deleted, the window would scroll and we wouldn't see what we were typing. This bug disappeared in iOS 10 Beta 4.
  • THE House icons in Control Center have been changed again.
  • Fixed screenshot thumbnails in camera roll. I don't know if this happened to more people, but I was seeing the screenshot thumbnails in a very strange color range. I no longer see this bug in beta 4.
  • speed and fluidity. This is part of what we might call “bug fixes”. This fourth beta seems much smoother.
  • As they comment in the comments, something I was also able to verify, taking a screenshot no longer locks the device.
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Did you find anything else new?