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There will be second parts of King Kong and Godzilla

There will be second parts of King Kong and Godzilla

Without a doubt, one of the biggest bombs that the Comic-con that today closing in San Diego, has been the one that the sequel to King Kong (Peter Jackson, 2005) is already underway. This has been assured by the Legendary Pictures which – in addition – has issued a very brief teaser where the camera traveled through a dense jungle until it reached the figure of the famous giant monkey beating its chest. In the same way, the production company has advanced that the film will receive the name of “Skull island”And that its premiere is set for the distant Nov. 3, 2016.

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King Kong returns and Godzilla doubles the bet

Nothing else has emerged regarding this surprising news, not even if the New Zealander Peter jackson will be behind the scenes again. Recall that the first part of King kong It was not exactly a great box office success despite being a great blockbuster – it cost more than 200 million dollars and worldwide only grossed 550 million – and the critics were confronted in terms of its quality. With this data in hand, the announcement of a sequel seems like a pretty risky move.

On the other hand, Legendary Pictures has also taken advantage of Comic-Con to reveal that the second part of the battered “Godzilla”(Gareth Edwards, 2014) is also in process. Through another teaser the appearance of the famous monsters / kaijus has been confirmed Rodan, Motorboat AND Ghidorah. It seems that Edwards will return to repeat in direction just after finishing his work on the new “Star Wars” movie.

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With all these data on the table, it is not surprising that there are already many who are rubbing their hands at the possibility of bringing the two great monsters together in a single film. It may seem like a crazy idea, but maybe someone is surprised if we say that this already happened once in the land of the Rising Sun. Don’t stop delighting in the gorgeous posters that were launched for such an important occasion.

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