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There is also Amazon at the 2021 Turin Book Fair

There is also Amazon at the 2021 Turin Book Fair

At the Turin Book Fair there is also Amazon, which offers interesting insights on the topic of self-publishing. The finalists of the 2021 Storyteller Award have also been revealed.

Amazon initiatives at the Turin Book Fair

There are really a few days left until the 2021 edition of Turin book fairto be held from 14 to 18 October. He will also be present for the occasion Amazonwhich will present the event on Saturday 16 October at 12:00 Self-publishing this is the time!. This is a meeting, dedicated to self-publishing, which will be held at the Stand Audible, Hall T152-U153 | PAD. OVAL.

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Among the guests we find Laura Rocca (independent author), Salvino Muscarello (author and winner of the first edition of the Amazon Storyteller award in Italy). It’s still Marinella Zetti (author, freelance journalist, Amazon Storyteller 2021 judge) e Andrea Pasino (KDP manager for Italy, France and Spain). The moderator will be Paolo Armelli, freelance journalist, co-founder at QUiD Media, content and social media manager. Copies signed by the authors will be available for the public.

During the Book Fair, Amazon will also host the finalists of the Literary Award Amazon Storyteller 2021the award dedicated to self writers in Italy. Angela Marino with the noir of Inquiry Hidden Chambers, Cristina Stillitano, author of the mystery Andrai Tornerai Non Die (Clovis of Clovis Vol. 3), Cariti Francescoauthor of the thriller I Am Gordon Bloom, Laura Gaeta with his fiction text And if Oscar says so… e Gaetano Allegra, with his funny and comical proposal, Tell me there are four of us. The winner will be announced in November.

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The importance of self-publishing

According to a research conducted in April 2021 – commissioned by Amazon to Ipsos to investigate the subject of reading and writing in Italy – the majority of people who wrote a book, failed to publish it. The process proved to be complex and expensive. Because of this, 46% of authors never submitted it to a publishing house, 40% did not have sufficient funds to publish it independently, while 18% were rejected by a publishing house. In this system, self-publishing turns out to be the right tool to facilitate authors, allowing great artistic freedom, as well as greater control over the selling price. In fact, among the most important qualities of self-published books, the following emerge: greater opportunities for emerging authors, lower cost, niche and specialized themes.

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For all those who really want to put their talent and creativity on the line, the appointment is for Sunday 17 October from 16.30 to 17.30. Andrea Pasino in fact, he will hold a workshop Getting started with publishing with Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing in Business Room of PAD3. An overview of KDP services such as account setup, publication of a new book in digital and print format, support pages, sales and payments reports, promotions, marketing and royalties will be offered during the event. KDP publishing tools such as “KDP Jump Start”, the “KDP University” portal and the “Kindle Create” formatting service will be discussed, as well as promotional marketing resources such as “KDP Select”.

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The workshop will conclude with a Q&A with the host: Laura Rocca, highly successful KDP author. At this link you can register to participate.