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  5. The video games included in the May PlayStation Plus are available today. Let’s find out what they are

The video games included in the May PlayStation Plus are available today. Let’s find out what they are

The video games included in the May PlayStation Plus are available today. Let’s find out what they are

For subscribers PS Plus i arrive free games of may 2021. Like every month, PlayStation has unveiled the titles that will accompany those who have signed up for the Sony service that allows you to play online, receive special discounts in the game and some free titles in rotation. The three games of the month are: Battlefield V, Stranded Deep and Wreckfest Drive Hard Die Last and are available for download starting today.

PlayStation Plus: what it is and how it works

Playstation Plus is a subscription service – monthly, quarterly or yearly – that allows PlayStation 4 owners to receive two free video games per month.

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We also remind you that the PS Plus is essential for playing online, so if you want to have fun with friends and challenge some strangers on the net you must absolutely subscribe to the service. In exchange you will have the aforementioned free titles but also the possibility of taking advantage of cloud saves and a series of extra contents, discounts and advantageous promotions.

PS Plus: free games in May 2021

The video games that we can download starting today, May 4th are:

Battlefield V

The hugely popular team shooter from Electronic Arts and DICE arrives in the pass in all its glory. The latest chapter in the Battlefield saga will take us to the middle of World War II in an exciting action video game.

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From the official game description we read: “Lead your team to victory in new multiplayer experiences like Multi-Map Grand Operations. Fight around the world in the single player War Stories campaign. Form a company of custom soldiers, weapons and vehicles to take on an ever-growing journey as you brave the Winds of War. This is the most intense and immersive Battlefield chapter ever created. Nothing will be the same again. “

Stranded Deep

Stranded Deep is a survival video game in which we will have to test our skills to survive a hostile world and wild nature. Following an air landing, our protagonist finds himself stuck in the vastness of the Pacific Ocean with no possibility of calling for help. Surviving will be the first rule.

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To do this we will have to explore the mainland and the sea depths in search of food and materials with which to build tools, weapons, shelters and everything necessary for survival.

PS Plus free games may 2021: Wreckfest Drive Hard Die Last

We conclude our overview of the free PS Plus games of May 2021.
Epic crashes, head-to-head battles on the finish line, and new ways to twist the plates present themselves in Wreckfest. Thanks to the realistic simulation of physics created by the development team Bugbearalso authors of FlatOut 1 and 2 this game is ideal for anyone looking for an explosive distraction. Burn treads and shred metal in the ultimate four-wheeler playground.