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The Vale: announced the release of the action-adventure on PC

The Vale: announced the release of the action-adventure on PC

The independent study Falling Squirrel has just announced the expected time of arrival, su Windows PCfrom The Valehis new audio-based action-adventure title.

A game based on audio

The Vale will be placed on the same level as a triple A title, thanks to an innovative gameplay completely based on the union of a bineural audio and the feedback deriving from the haptic controller.

This fusion of senses will thus be able to create an immersive game world, within which players will have to experience the intense story of the second on the list of succession to the throne, blind from birth and exiled by his elder brother who has just ascended the throne.

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Through the help of a shepherd from the border villages, players will have to quickly learn to master different skills, including magical ones, to make friends and find adventure companions, so as to be able to survive the long and dangerous journey back home.

The key features of The Vale

To act as a basis for The Vale will be some key features, among which a form of gameplay accessible to all stands out. The bineural audio technology and film dubbing will in fact guide the players in every moment, making the experience usable even by the visually impaired and blind!

To make it possible will also be the presence of a different audio for each environment and totally immersive, that is, capable of involving the user 100%, even during fights.

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These innovative features will be joined by more traditional ones, including the ability to choose between different fighting styles, different possibilities to upgrade the character and many equipment, each characterized by a unique sound!

According to what was recently announced by Falling Squirrelthe game will land on Windows PC via Steam as of next August.

To stay up to date on the title, you can consult the official website.