The unfortunate state of broadband in Mexico

It's no secret to any Mexican that the state of broadband in the country is unfortunate. Gérard Esquiveleconomist at College of Mexicopublished a study that reveals the current state of connectivity of MexicoUnlike the other members of the OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development). The report, titled “Need to deploy new broadband in Mexico”was made by Rafael del Villar, Eduardo Martínez Chombo, Everado Quezada and Arcelia Rodriguezmembers of Federal Telecommunications Commission.

The results are alarming. In comparison with the 30 members of the OECD, Mexico ranks last in fixed broadband penetration rate per number of inhabitantsand the penultimate seat in fixed broadband per household. In the mobile service, the situation varies little: it is the penultimate in terms of penetration of 3G mobile servicesand ranks 26th in Wi-Fi hotspots.

on speed, Mexico is the lowest ranked average speed of receiving and sending data (download); and the last so in maximum speed offered as in average speed offers from the main supplier (Telmex). in prices, Mexico This is the country that charges the most expensive service low speed (256 kbps – 2 Mb), and the fourth most expensive in average speed (2.5 – 10 MB). Worse still: Mexico doesn't even offer services with speeds greater than 10 megabytes.

It only takes common sense to realize that the broadband situation in Mexico it's on the ground. However, the figures show how connectivity lags behind, a high-cost, low-profit service with little competition and almost no development. For a more in-depth consultation, I leave you with some of the graphics from this study.

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