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The Twitter App tests a new layout

The Twitter App tests a new layout

These days there‘Twitter app is testing a new timeline layout, where photos are stretched to the edge of the display with no horizontal margins. Just like the design layout of popular photo and video sharing apps, like Instagram.

Twitter is working on a new timeline layout where tweet content takes up the horizontal space more efficiently,

no more margin around the photos! 🎉 pic.twitter.com/6ANE2uCIaB

– Jane Manchun Wong (@wongmjane) July 15, 2021

Twitter App: A new timeline layout being tested

As you can see in the image above, it was the one who shared information on the new Twitter App timeline layout Jane Manchun Wong, the expert who often releases interesting advances on the work of the platform. For now it would only be a test but, as Wong clearly shows, the application is working on a new image format, which would occupy the space between one edge and the other of the display. At the moment, however, the photo layout has horizontal margins on both sides.

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On the other hand, while Twitter has announced that starting from August 3 it will permanently close its Fleets function, it would seem that the platform is working on a new feature for its users. In a tweet shared this morning Kayvon BeykpourThe company’s product lead, asked his followers whether or not they would subscribe to Twitter Blue in the event that the plan offers the possibility to edit the tweets after a few minutes they have been published.

if @TwitterBlue let you edit tweets within a few minutes of posting them, would you want to subscribe? let me know why yes / no in the replies!

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– Kayvon Beykpour (@kayvz) July 16, 2021

And although for now it is absolutely impossible to know if the Twitter App will really make a function of this type available, it is inevitable to consider how the platform once again asks for user feedback before launching any news. In any case, it is certainly not the first time the company has adopted this system before making a new feature available. On the other hand, the Fleets example was a good lesson for Twitter: never throw an option without asking for the users’ opinion. The consequence of such recklessness, after all, was the definitive closure of Fleets.

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