The Truth About Super Mario Run's « Exclusive » Release

Super Mario Run was presented at the Apple conference, which left us all speechless. When showing us the game, they were kind enough to tell us that the launch would be exclusive to iOS for a while, this time will not reach six months, without a doubt. However, while it may all seem like a wink to Apple users, the reality is much darker than that. Nintendo knew that the only way to make money from a mobile video game of these features was to squeeze the iOS user, and that's how it happened. We're going to analyze why Nintendo is « exclusively » launching Super Mario Run for iOS and what they have planned with it.

To understand why, we must first analyze the mobile application market. On the one hand we have the iOS App Store, a market where the user is « accustomed » to paying for applications, with an amount of revenue that far exceeds that of any software store, paradise for developers. On the other hand, we have Google Play, an app market full of ads, in-app purchases and apps of questionable morality, andAndroid user is just one click away from hacking an app and saving money.

The strategy, based on this, makes sense. If we launch the video game « exclusively » on iOS, we will ensure a series of purchases that we will hardly obtain if we launch the video game simultaneously, since the game will be pirated en masse for Android and other users. 'iOS. will think (and rightly so) that it's not worth spending €9.99. This way we can launch the game « exclusively » for iOS, stir up the golden goose and later come to Android to pick up the remaining change.

This is how we would play Super Mario 64 on an iOS

The method Miyamoto used to enter the mobile video game market was very successful. But it seems that the iOS user is not as stupid as he thought, and according to analysts, only 3% of Super Mario Run downloads became purchases, which shows the quality of the video game. You agree with me? Leave us your opinion in the comments box or via Twitter.

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